GFL Giving Tue(YOU)sday
total raised : $2,230.00

This Season of Giving (& possibly receiving)!  


Grab your chance to win 50% of the pot while supporting Gifts from Liam! Tickets are $20 for 1, $50 for 3, $100 for 7. Plus a 5% processing fee for each transaction.


Every ticket purchased increases the prize amount and supports local families! Join us in this FUNdraiser today and help us save babies and help families heal. Buy your tickets now and make a difference!

Why support Gifts from Liam:

  • to reach at-risk birthing people with safe pregnancy information, which helps save babies.
  • to provide free diaper assistance for families experiencing diaper need so they don’t have to choose between a clean diaper for their baby and meeting other basic human needs.
  • to spread awareness about the unjust racial disparities in infant deaths that are rooted in systemic racism and chronic disinvestment in communities of color.
  • to provide culturally appropriate grief support for families after the loss of a baby.

Or you can donate directly at